Worth repeating – what I found in reviewing my twitter feed in 2011

The most inspiring thing I read in all of 2011


4 of the most impactful things from 2011 – I mentioned or retweeted them on twitter

@ The Challenge of Sex Positivity Panel. One gem from Dr. Ruthie “Being happy with one’s life is a politically radical act.” #playconf

@ReidAboutSex Thanks for sharing this! Sexual Diversity and Self-Expression panel at this year’s Sacred Sexuality… fb.me/1kMZgZvAg

16 hours later I’ve finished reading #Shameless; I feel energized, balanced & ready to take on anything.http://www.beingshameless.com

Perhaps the most beautiful clip I have ever seen. ‘Zen Pussy Meditation: Witnessing Mons Mandala’ from the classhttp://bit.ly/hUeB9j NSFW

 5 significant news articles found on my twitter feed in 2011:

CanPolyAdvocacy CPAA: Our press release on today’s ruling. polyadvocacy.ca/cpaa-reacts-to… #polyamory #polygamy

PlanetMidori Midori Midori: Canadian-developed HIV vaccine approved for human studies: bit.ly/spwYTQ via @TorontoStar

AmyJoGoddard Amy Jo Goddard: 2 women share 1st kiss at US Navy ship’s returnon.msnbc.com/s2dKvz #awesome #kiss

duckyduckydoo Ducky DooLittle: Disability and sex ed: nytimes.com/2011/06/19/opi…

sacreddragonfly Cheri Michael: Progress in protecting Trans rights, Bill C-389 passed! http://tinyurl.com/6ab92ke. Now it’s up to the Senate. Thanks@sexgeekAZ for posting

 6 favourite “things others said” found in my twitter feed in 2011:

LaughingLesbian Laughing Lesbian: Homosexuality is found in 450+ species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

SexCoachingcom Pam Babbitt: “Low desire is a messenger, not a disease.” — Paul Joannides, author of Guide To Getting It On.

LKHamilton Laurell K. Hamilton: I’m not afraid of confrontation, but I want results from it.

Pepsym Pepsy Martin-Wirth: #ThingsAnitaBlakeTaughtme @LKHamilton That no matter how scary it is loving the right people is always worth it.

sacreddragonfly Cheri Michael: “When someone is witnessing it is hard to go into habit.” ~ Joseph Kramer

sexgeekAZ Andrea Zanin:My bro-in-law’s 5-year-old: “Are you a girl?” Me: “Mostly. Most of the time.” She nodded sagely. I love how kids get stuff grown-ups don’t.

Simply worth sharing:

sexgeekAZ Andrea Zanin: This little animated vid is great! Language as a window into human nature. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-son3EJTrU Thanks Kim!

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover that the prisoner was you. ~ Lewis B. Smedes via @aditi_aadi

 15 favourites from my tweets in 2011

  • Sometimes I find the greatest inspiration in simple truth & honesty.
  • Sometimes you just have to click send. Sometimes you just have to say ‘it’. Sometimes you just have to take a risk. Life is a leap of faith!
  • It seems the universe is shaking things up! Chaos brings an opportunity to clean up & clear out our lives, perhaps with beneficial results.
  • Like art, what makes a quote or saying valuable is not whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, but that it makes you think.
  • Words dance in the poet’s head to express what the soul knows, the heart feels & the body demands. Know, embrace, honour, claim! It’s yours.
  • I wish for eloquence & wisdom to express the gift your sacred self is. What I have is raw emotion & simple words: embrace your sexuality.
  • I didn’t earn my vegan-gf-copy-cat-lemon-loaf badge but a badge in odd-edible-creations-I’d-never-make-again-even-if-i-could. yummy though
  • Chaos demands we pay attention to life as things get turned upside down & inside out. Death is the great bringer of chaos.
  • Sometimes a kiss is like  a sigh of contentment.
  • Clarity & focus have found me. Or perhaps I them. Walking together in the midst of change makes the path more visible & much smoother.
  • The most basic path to the best sex is self care, self awareness and self love.
  • I am alive with erotic energy, my cells dance and transform, my being shifts and expands. The vibration hums at a new frequency.
  • It feels so good to be alive. I know I am fully living when I feel the flow of sexual energy in my body; every cell feels electric.
  • Sink or Swim learning does have its benefits – staying dry is not one of them.
  • I am so blessed to have people in my life that challenge me to push my edges and step into my power!

Winter Solstice Message 2011

Here it is the solstice, I want to write something profound, offer you inspiration and give you an exercise to take you one step closer to your dreams and goals. And yet all I can think of is sitting in peace reflecting on transformation.  With all the changes, challenges and opportunities in life recently, I feel a real need to go inward and spend time focusing on myself and my family (both biological and chosen). I have taken some down-time to do those very things. And now I realize I must take more of a break, even from my work, to recharge and to see what comes next. To let  everything settle and see what there is to see.

So instead of wise words and creative exercises I offer you the reality that is me, that is my life. What is your reality right now, what is it you need? I wish for you the answers to those questions, the profound awe of living your life exactly as you are in each moment.

If you do want wise words or exercises to shift something look back over my blog – I know I’ve written posts filled with what has inspired me. I hope you find the inspiration you seek.

For some other thoughts on sexuaility visit http://embraceyoursexuality.com/

I’ll see you in the 2012 with news on whats coming up and there are a lot of really great things in the works.

All the best,

Gratitude and updates

Happy Thanksgiving

Over the past few months, my life’s journey has presented me with many gifts and the most meaningful to me during this time of year is Gratitude.  Every. Single. Day.  Sometimes it’s for the little things, like the feeling I get listening to my cat, purring with contentment.  Sometimes it’s for an event I’ve led going off without a hitch like Within Reach.  I have come to learn that gratitude is a fantastic approach to life’s challenges, especially the big ones.

What do you have gratitude for in this moment? Do you express your gratitude? Simply saying “I am grateful for…” can be a prayer that not only touches us, but all those we love and our entire world.* Take a moment today to express your gratitude.  Here are some suggestions:

  • You can speak it aloud to yourself or someone you love
  • Write a simple sentence (or more)
  • Do an acrostic on the word “Gratitude”
  • Write 10 things you are grateful for about one person or situation

I am happy to announce that my experiences over the last few months bring new programs, events, workshops, insights and websites. My core philosophies remain the same and now I have a deeper understanding of what they mean and how to express them in my work. This will be most evident as you discover how the various aspects of my work may benefit you or those around you.

Where you can find me over the next few months

(Visit my calendar for more details.)

  • At the Playground Conference and presenting Playful Sacred Sexuality: Exploring what’s possible after Playground Sunday November 5, 2011.
  • Co-leading Path of the Qadishti Level 1 in Toronto and Chicago, starting November 8, 2011.
  • At the Warrior Woman Workshop, November 12, 2011 from 10am-6pm.  Presenting “Claim Your Desires” and a few other pieces. The cost the full day of workshops is $110.
  • At Wonder Works co-leading Let’s Talk About Sex: Assessing Your Personal Comfort and Professional Readiness Dec. 5 2011 7-10pm. The cost for this professional training is $100

What’s new

Video Coaching:

Learn new techniques to increase your pleasure and have even greater sex. Some ideas for topics you may wish to focus on include enhancing orgasm, staying present and connecting with a partner. With personalized coaching support that best suits your needs, you can explore all the techniques you wish to learn.

Two Books go on sale this week at the Sex and Consciousness Symposium. Order yours at info@cherimichael.com.  *Order by Mon. Oct. 17 and receive the Sex and Consciousness Special.

Exploring your Sacred Sexuality Workbook – $10
Exercises and art from Sacred Sex Starts with Me
Receive additional exercises and art postcards when you order by Oct. 17. ($10 value)

The Adult Alphabet Book  –  $30
What would happen if the Alphabet had a sex party? Find out in this playful, erotic and definitely unusual art book.
$25 when you order by Oct. 17.


(Full descriptions here.)

  • The Secret to Having More Pleasure & Even Greater Sex
  • Breath & Energy Orgasms – Are They for Real?
  • Claim Your Desires


And Back by Popular Demand…

  • Cucumber Climaxes and Pleasuring the Peach: Oral Sex for All

As usual, I am available for individual and relationship coaching and support, workshops and events, all of which can be tailored to address your current and future needs.

Sneak Peek at November’s Newsletter…

  • Sacred Sex Starts With Me 8-session Program
  • Sexuality Toronto Directory – a guide to therapists, educators, etc.

*prayer can mean anything you choose, it can also simply be a good thought

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La Petite Mort

La petite mort – orgasm – little death: for a brief moment there is nothing and everything. I am nothing and everything. This is liminal space, the space between. It’s a space of potential. It is a space of freedom, healing & change.  A place of power.  A place to disassemble and reassemble life. The universe within me.

Has it really been two months?

Yes, it actually has. My last post was over two months ago and I’m stunned. Time has passed in such a blur. So much has happened: wrap-ups, new projects, endings, beginnings and all in such a beautiful way.

Perhaps the  biggest change is that Eros Fine Arts is changing shape. You can read a little more about this on the new website www.cherimichael.com.

Here is a brief summary of some of the exciting things I’ve been doing:

  • May 12, 2011 7-9pm – Sexuality Coaching Information Session and Workshop For Therapists and Practitioners (If you are interested in this topic please let me know and I’ll send you some details.)
  • June 24&25 – Camp Bitchalot (Register Soon – you don’t want to miss out!)
  • June 6 – Sept. 12 – The Path of the Qadishti, POTQ, Level I training
  • Sept. 2011 I’ll be at C.O.P.E.
  • I have also taken up the challenge of expanding my work to include new directions and workshops:
    • Exploring Your Sex Abilities: for people dealing with pain, injuries, chronic conditions and more.
    • Let’s Talk About Sex: for therapists and other practitioners to assess their personal comfort and professional readiness for dealing with clients’ various sexuality concerns.

For more details on what I’ve been up to visit http://cherimichael.com/erosfineartsnews.html and http://cherimichael.com/whatweoffer.html.

Of course I’m still dedicated to my training through the Yoga of Sex and in various other ways.

I will keep you posted on how things progress! It won’t be another two months before I do, I am eager to write and I have some ideas brewing.

Explore with  passion,


Sacred Sexuality encompasses the whole of who we are. Looking at our physical desires is one part of this sexual self.

Add a little of this spring fever to your sex life. Add a little spice ot your life

As spring unfolds in the world around us, words like renewal, rebirth, vibrancy and vitality find their way more frequently into our conversations and our consciousness. More playfulness will be evident in the people around.  Spring is a prime time to bring more pleasure into our lives and I believe we can always welcome more pleasure.

Before we can add pleasure we need to know what brings us pleasure. This is not always an easy thing to answer and it can be even harder to communicate this desire even to our selves.

Exploration Activity:            

  1. This activity is designed to help you discover what you enjoy about sex, sexuality, sacred sex, solo sex and/or sexual interactions with others.
  2. Complete the phrase ‘I enjoy’ 10 times – or more if you feel inspired to do so.
  1. Gather some paper and as many writing and colouring utensils as you can find: chalk, pastel, markers, crayons, pens of different colours!

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

I enjoy________________

4.      From the list of 10 things you enjoy, pick the one that jumps out at you. If nothing stands out, choose your favourite or the one you consider the most edgy

  1. Take a few deep breaths and reflect on the one you chose.
  2. Choose one of the following form poems. Complete the phrases with as much detail as you can. Your responses do not have to be literal they can be symbolic.
 Form Poem 1  Form Poem 2 Example with I enjoy Sunshine
It tastes like It tastes it tastes like warm melting butterscotch
It looks like It looks it sounds like a humming very high frequency in my left ear.
It sounds like It sounds It looks like the world is brighter
It smells like It smells It smells fresh and ripe
It feels like It feels It feels like a moment of complete freedom

Remember:  Knowing what you enjoy is just the first step. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that knowledge. Are the things you enjoy an active part of your sex life or something you never do? How can you bring these things into your life in a fulfilling manner? There are so many possibilities that we need to start somewhere, perhaps you choose one to do within 30 days.

Vitality and Pleasure – How do they intersect?

Increase your vitality, increase your pleasure. Increase your pleasure, increase your vitality.

Do you ever get so caught up in daily life, you forget to mark significant events that matter to you. I thought I had done that this weekend.  Last night at 7:21pm was the Equinox and it passed without my awareness. Or so I thought.

(This is the story of my weekend claiming more vitality and pleasure.  If you just want the exercise skip to the bottom of the page.)

As the month of March came in I began thinking about the Equinox and what it means to me this year. Vitality. This one word kept coming into my life, in reference to myself and in the world around me. Vitality, a word I had a sense of but could not put to words. I did not understand what and how it is in my life. I did not know vitality. I have thought and reflected, researched and let it go. I now know vitality.  Then I began to see other words and ideas around me giving me the same message: it’s all about my life force, my thrive for life, my Orende, my joie de vivre, my desire to grow, to reach new heights of awareness and pleasure.

In many ways it is how much energy I have to do that which I desire to do, to do that which will make my heart sing.  It is not specifically about healing, although healing may be involved. Healing may be required to have more vitality and healing can result from increased vitality.

When I discovered I had let the Equinox pass, without paying attention, I wondered what this was about. With surprise I realized that by not focusing on the Equinox, the transitional shift happened as it needed without attaching meaning to it that did not exist. This weekend I had to decide for me what is best for my journey and my healing. I made the decision and although the path was not easy this decision is a positive shift in my life. I do not know if things will go as I decided, perhaps the window was lost amidst decisions, life and cyberspace. I do know this is less important than the decision itself.  The decision is an act of power. Every decision made clearly, cleanly and authentically for your own best good is an act of power. Throughout the weekend I did not fully comprehend what the decision was really about. I understood bits and pieces but not the full scope.

I made the decision to bring more vitality into my life. I am seeking more vitality; to raise my life force; to increase my Orende; to live fuller, love deeper and connect more thoroughly to self life and others.

I know the power of sexual energy to heal and transform. And yet I sometimes need the reminder that it balances the whole body the whole being and increases vitality. A balanced sexuality is a balanced human, without a balance in our sexuality something will be off. So I made my decision to seek pleasure moments to increase vitality, to seek healing through sexual release and pleasure, to clear the blocks that slow down my energy. I made the decision to immerse myself in opportunity because it is not the workshop, the healer or event that will accomplish my goal.  It is my ability to be present in the moment, to acknowledge and accept the opportunity for growth and to allow healing to happen and life force to increase.

Outside my window in the dreary wetness there are birds chirping; welcome to Spring. Perhaps this is another lesson for me: Pleasure can exist even in a dreary wet day.

The Equinox may have a time in our physical world but the opportunity to focus on shifting what needs to shift extends beyond a single moment. Increase your pleasure – have an orgasm. Explore what gives you pleasure here.